June 04, 2011

Free-range beef.

At the end of May, the Whitehorse All-city Senior Concert Band took a trip to Red Deer. We were playing in a music festival at Red Deer College.

I have relatives in Red Deer and hadn't seen them in too many years (and I had yet to meet the latest crop), so I traveled separately from the band which allowed me to spend more time with them. I did take a day to indulge in a bit of exploring, though.

I maintain that the best way to drive through the prairies is to stick to the backroads. Not only is there less traffic, but the scenery is more interesting. Take this cow, for example. On a main road, you'd never see a cow chillin' on the wrong side of the fence. This is a backroad cow, where things are a little more relaxed.

"Yeah. I'm a rebel. I know it."

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