May 16, 2011

May the force of Mark Hamill's novelty cheques be with you.

I had a strange dream this morning.

I dreamt that we took the kids to a Jim Henson muppet festival. Mark Hamill was there. He was set up at a small table on a grassy slope signing autographs, but instead of signing pictures or whatever people normally handed him for signing, he was signing small novelty cheques drawn on a fictional bank from the planet Tatooine. He was in a good humour, laughing and joking as he did it. I guess signing the novelty cheques was a nice break from having to come up with the nice things that one writes on a conventional autograph. He wrote cheques with extra-large amounts for my kids.

Because most of the kids at the festival were pre-occupied with the muppets - and because most parents were pre-occupied with their kids - there was only a small line at Mark Hamill's table. We spent most of our time there because he was such a nice, friendly guy.

Later in my dream, Mark Hamill passed away and Star Wars fans started trading on the rare Mark Hamill Tatooine novelty cheques, treating them like real currency but with very favourable exchange rates.

And that's how my kids became independently wealthy.

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