April 18, 2011

Yeah, but I get around...

Canadians have been known to give Americans a hard time for their lack of knowledge - or their hilarious misconceptions - about Canada, but that's a dangerous game to play because the same thing happens between Northern Canadians and Southern Canadians. Heck, I was once part of a meeting with a certain politician who had a northern portfolio and he introduced himself by talking about how he knew what it was like to be a northerner because he was from... Muskoka. Three hours north of Canada's biggest city (six if you count rush hour) and he is a northerner. We spent the rest of the meeting educating him about how ice bridges affect grocery supply and other northern goodness.

But a lot of Canadians just don't have a clue about the North. I don't hold it against anyone. How can you know unless you've been taught or unless you've been?

Up Here Magazine commissioned a survey to find out how much Southern Canadians know about the North. The results indicate that a lot of people haven't been taught about the North and many, many, many, many haven't been.

How much do you know about the North? Take the UpHere challenge!

The North Poll
(36 out of 36 Questions Correct)
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Shockr said...

Scored 86%...

Nemmy said...

I'm embarrassed to say I only got 30/36, but to be fair, there IS a university North of 60. It's just in Alaska.

Julie said...

I didn't do very well.
Nemmy has nothing to be embarrassed about.

Anonymous said...

I did well, but not well enough for having lived there AND being part of the military. Though I DID get that question right!! hahahahaha!

Great quiz!

Captain Momma