March 15, 2011

Talk a walk through history.

This photo was poached from the YHMA website.  I hope they don't mind.

If you visit downtown Whitehorse in the summer, you might see somebody dressed in old-fashioned clothes being followed by a flock of people (locals and tourists alike), Pied Piper-style. If you do see this, you have just spotted the Yukon Historical and Museums Association's summer historical walking tour.

But walking tours? That's so... old-fashioned!

That's OK, though, because the YHMA is hip.  They're with it.  They've got walking tour podcasts!

And they're good.  Like, really good.  So I just had to spread the word.  Because of how good they are.

So, if you're visiting downtown Whitehorse at any time of the year, download the YHMA's audio walking tours and enjoy!

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