March 15, 2011

Dawson City Caption Contest Winner Announced!

After nearly forgetting to have it judged, I am pleased to announce that the winner of the Dawson City Caption Contest can now be announced!

There were some interesting entries, both on the Official Michael's Meanderings Blog, and on the facebook.

On the blog, the leading entry was Opa's "deceptively realistic paint job", but the overall winner is Jerome Stewart, with his entry that evokes the wonderfully-sometimes-themepark-ish feel of Dawson City.

"You are now leaving the wilds of Dawson City, please exit through the Daycare...."
Jerome receives heaps of praise and a link to his blog, Yukon Science Fiction Writer.

Looking at that picture, I can just imagine the conversation that happened before the exit sign was installed...
Worker: Hey, boss!
Boss (very busy): What?
Worker: Where should I hang this exit sign?
Boss: Over the door! Where else would you hang an exit sign?!
Worker: Uh, okay...

3 comments: said...

Fantastic, I will be smiling all day long. Stay warm, spring is just around the corner....hahaha! Peace, Jane

Meandering Michael said...

It's not too far off!

Anonymous said...


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