February 18, 2011

Heating Up!

I am writing from chilly Fort Simpson, NWT, where the current temperature is -34.5oC and things are heating up in Air New Zealand's "Coldest Canadian" contest!

Several new competitors have entered the field (some of them really quite good) and their videos have been skyrocketing in votes. (How do they do that?!)

It could be very easy to get discouraged about that, but I'm not. How could I get discouraged when UpHere Magazine, the North's premier magazine, has announced who they're voting for.

And how could I get discouraged when Travel flags my entry as "stiff competition"?

And just the other day, I won a Flip Ultra HD video camera from the Coldest Canadian random draw - which will be perfect for filming our adventures in New Zealand (hopefully!) It's a sign, I tell you! A sign!

There are eight days left, so let's keep those daily votes coming! Thank you for your continued support. Maybe I really will get to take my wife on an Epic Date!


Thewindblowsnorth said...

I'm rooting for you! I still think yours is the best one there and laugh every time I watch it :)

Good luck!

Meandering Michael said...

It you ever want to try a Whitehorse polar bear dipping party, just let me know! :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you're aware.. but you could title the odds in your favor with your votes if you use several different free web proxies each day. I know technically it's cheating, but in your case you only have a few people to draw on to vote for you.


Now just sign up numerous accounts on coldest canadian and you're off.

Meandering Michael said...

Ah, if I were the "coldest Canadian" in the sense that I would cheat to win, it's a good suggestion.

Alas, if I'm going to win, I want to do it honestly. Darned conscience!