January 01, 2011

Bushcraft 101 - How to Build a Snow Hut

Ah, it was so nice to get out and do a bit of winter camping! While I was out, I took a little time to make a new Bushcraft 101 video. If you've never made a snow hut, now you can see how it's done and try it for yourself!

Tip: When you're hollowing out your snow hut, have someone standing by with a shovel just in case it collapses on you! Safety first!


Mungo said...

Nicely done! Thanks for sharing this video...
and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Brings back memories of environmental science, only I think your instruction was much better. We weren't actually given too much insight on why or how to do it properly. They didn't teach us about the vent holes, or why you should break it after.

Nice job Mike!

Kathleen O

Meandering Michael said...

I never took that class! I've been asked to do a video on sleeping gear. I'll get around to that in the next little while.