December 01, 2010

Eats Saskatoon (Supper #2)

Sorry for the poor image quality in this post; I'm not using the best of cameras.

This meal, as the others have been, was fantastic! It started with a small but tasty tomato, romaine, and onion salad.

Then came the main course. They don't just buy meat here; they buy entire pigs. The main course was the tenderloin with a berry sauce on top of a bed of vegetables with noodles. It, and the roasted vegetables on the side, were an amazing combination of savoury and sweet.

Dessert was simple in appearance but complex in flavour. Rice and blended fruit imparted a mellow fruity taste that was occasionally overwhelmed by a flattering burst of dark chocolate. It was so filling, I couldn't finish the whole thing - though my taste buds desperately wanted me to.

What will tomorrow bring? I don't know but, honestly, I'm kind of excited!


Scientific Chick said...

Wow, Michael, this all looks great! Lucky you found a guy who's treating you right. :)

taibhsearachd said...

Definitely not something I expected to see at any Travelodge. Everything (both days)looks absolutely delicious.