October 26, 2010

It's already winter in Old Crow.

It's mild and fall-like in Whitehorse, but it's already winter in Old Crow, the Yukon's most northerly community.

I always enjoy my visits to Old Crow. Not only is it beautiful, it is the epitome of northern hospitality. I just spent a week there on a work project.

I also always enjoy my homecoming. I am always amazed at the changes in my kids when I return. All of a sudden, Halia has started using four and five word sentences and she's trying out other words that just make me laugh. The school bus is the "coo-coo bus" and Rice Crispies are "rice fee-fees". I think I like her versions of the words better.

I'll be doing a lot of travel around the Yukon in the near future. I'll post when I get the chance.


Anonymous said...

That first picture is simply outstanding!
It's exactly the colours Ted Harrison used in the first pictures of his I saw and fell in love with.
I've onmly been to Old Crow in the summertime - I sure wish I'de be able to get there in the winter some day.

dmchenail said...

Gorgeous shots - I'm in love with frost now too.. good thing considering the climate up here, eh?

And at least Halia's not saying "Rice-feces" :)

Meandering Michael said...

You never know! You might make it there in winter just yet!

Haha! "rice feces" (snicker)