September 17, 2010

Traumatized II

Fawn had a performance at the Chocolate Claim this evening. I brought Jade and Halia down so they could see her sing, but we had to leave early or suffer the consequences of overdue bed times.

With Fawn back at half-time work, Halia is experiencing a bit of separation anxiety. That's why, when we left the Chocolate Claim and Fawn didn't come with us, Halia had a bit of a meltdown.

"Mama! Mama! Mama!" she cried longingly as I lugged her to the car, "Mama!  Mama!  Mama!"  It sounded like her world was about to end.

With some urgency I instructed Jade to "Get in the van.  Hurry."

There were two young women sitting on the outdoor patio. They were frozen, staring at me. I could read their faces like a book.

Child abductor!

It didn't help matters when Jade pointed at our car - the one that Fawn used to bring herself and her equipment to the gig - and said, "But that's our car there, right?"

"Yes," I agreed, "Now get in the van."

Our observers were now turning to each other.  Again, their expressions were easy to read.

What should we do?!  He's abducting those children from the coffee shop!  What should we do?!

Honestly, I'm a little surprised I haven't had a visit from the police by now.


Clare said...

They may have recognized it for what it really was Michael. But it is also amazing what people will witness without calling police.

Back in the 70s a couple of RCMP Special Constables from Winnipeg Airport went bad and started breaking into warehouses etc, around the airport. (Strangely one of them was my camp counsellor at Church camp when I was young).

They were found out and our General Investigation Section had them under surveillance. They broke into a place and the member detailed watching them, decided to make the arrests. Because they were armed police he arrested them at gunpoint, and had them at gunpoint at the side of a major road near the airport, while he awaited for back up to arrive.

He later told me that here he was, a man in civilian clothes, pointing a handgun at two uniformed police officers with a couple of dozen cars driving by. Not one person called neither the RCMP nor the Winnipeg Police Dept.

Meandering Michael said...

Wow. I wonder if it's because seeing something like that is so shocking to the average person that they don't really comprehend what's happening - and when the do, they feel that it's too late to report it.

Jennoit said...

Maybe it shouldn't be, but I find this post and the scenario you paint quite funny!