August 11, 2010

Sailing Atlin Lake - Day Two (Second Narrows to Sloko Island)

I was eager to see just now narrow the Second Narrows were, but also quite worried. I'd heard too many stories of boaters running afoul or rocks lurking just under the surface. I asked my Dad to go forward to the pulpit to keep watch for rocks and shallows.

Going slowly, we inched our way into the Narrows.

Looking into Willison Bay

One of a couple islands marking the entrance to the Second Narrows.

One of the smaller islands marking the entrance to the Second Narrows.

The water colour in the Second Narrows was insanely beautiful! My depth-sounder/fish finder was spotting fish all over the place.

A hidden danger when the water is a little higher. What else lurks beneath?

One of the few boats we saw that day, the Compass Rose was occupied with their catch.

Safely through the Narrows and into the main part of the lake, I was happy to see that the wind had picked up. We turned off the outboard and let the sails fly.

Safely through the Second Narrows, looking back at Cathedral Mountain.

Under sail, tacking upwind.

We decided to make Sloko Island our harbour for the night. We sailed around the Sloko Island group of islands until we found the Second Inlet, a deep and sheltered bay on the main island.

It wasn't long before we were setting up camp and exploring the island.

Jade and I capped off the evening with a nice little paddle around the inlet.

Just one day into the trip and I already understood what everyone meant when they said I needed more than a month to see the lake. The amount of stunning scenery we passed was overwhelming and there were so many places I wanted to explore. In spite of that, I was zonked and happily crawled into my berth to fall fast asleep.

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