August 26, 2010

Livingston Trail, I Presume?

Ever since I flew over the area on a Ross River-bound flight, I've wanted to hike into Lime Peak and Thomas "Tommy" Lake. Thar be caves in that thar limestone mountain!

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On a hot, hot, calm day while my parents were visiting, we motored the sailboat across Lake Laberge to do a bit of hiking and exploring in that general direction.

Fawn lugged Halia around and I carried Jade. Both children were very happy with this arrangement.

Did I mention that it was very hot?
Just a short time into our hike, we paused near a shallow pond where little frogs were scrambling to get off of the trail. I caught one and gave it to Jade to hold. It makes me so proud that she took it without a moment's hesitation and handled it carefully before we returned it to the trail. Frogs feel so cool! I just can't understand why some people get all squeamish at the idea of touching one.

Our path soon connected with the Livingston Trail. Livingston was a gold mining community, now abandoned, and the Livingston Trail was the overland route that people used to get there. We followed the trail toward my hoped-for destination.

Really, we didn't get very far down the trail. It was hot (did I mention that already?) and we underestimated our water requirements. The trees, also experiencing water supply problems, are pre-maturely yellow this year.

Mount Laurier

We ended our hike near a nice little beaver pond. While drinking water from a beaver pond is not recommended, paddling in the water to cool off is just fine.

I saw this cool, tiny plant at the beaver pond. What the heck is it?!

With supper time rapidly approaching, it was time to get the kids back to the boat.

Jade and I charged on ahead, with Jade giggling her head off as I bounced down the hills. She spotted these tracks (as did I) and knew exactly what they were.

These ones were a little harder for her to identify.

We never came close to Lime Peak or Tommy Lake, but it was still a nice hike for such a hot afternoon. I was pleased to see that a light wind had picked up on Lake Laberge and, when we finally made it to the shore, I gave myself a thorough rinse in the clear, refreshing lake water.

As we fed the kids their meals and prepared to head back to the other side of the lake, we were greeted by someone who could get to Lime Peak with the greatest of ease.

But I'll save the flying for my next blog entry...

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Anonymous said...

I lived my young childhood with my Grandparents in the old village. Your beautiful photos brought back lovely memories of those carefree days of playing in the sunshine along the trail.