August 26, 2010

Fawn in the Park

Summer in Whitehorse just wouldn't be summer without Arts in the Park. Every workday during the lunch hour, live performers play at Lepage Park while office workers, daycare attendees, random passersby, tourists, and anyone else who appreciates music get to listen - for free. In addition to the music, there is always an art demonstration where onlookers can learn more about an artist and their craft.

This summer's final performance was broadcast live on CBC radio and my dear wife, Fawn, was asked to sing a couple of songs. I'm sure she'll post some videos from the show on her own blog, eventually. Until then, here are a few shots from the event.

The paparazzi get ready.

The fans eagerly await.

And here she is (somewhere behind that microphone), ready to wow the crowd! (I'm so proud.)

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Megan said...

Can't wait for the video!