July 02, 2010


Ever since you came into my home I've wanted you
Simmering for eight long hours in a crock-pot of desire

My wife is in the shower
I could join her, but right now it's you that I lust for
She doesn't know how strong my feelings are for you
She doesn't need to know but she'll read between the lines
I don't care anymore

You are saucy and tangy and moist
You have been pulled in every direction but you always find your way to me
You give me your tenderness

I want to trace your beautiful lines with my tongue
I want to bite into your flesh with my teeth
I want to feel your warm sauce dripping down my chin
I want to consume you

You know how to tease me
You please me to my very core

My wife is in the shower
I could join her, but right now it's you that I lust for

Pulled pork sandwich, you are delicious

When I've had my way with you
And you have become a part of me
I'm going to introduce myself to your sister
She's hot
And just as delicious in every way


Anonymous said...


Is that allowed on your lists of foods? hee hee

DH is killing himself laughing too!

Captain Momma

Meandering Michael said...

Well, I'm glad SOMEONE liked it! Fawn said it was disgusting (the blog entry, not the pulled pork).

I had to exclude a couple of things from the recipe, but it was still delish!

Carolyn said...

Well you had me hot and bothered Michael!!
Go laugh and I hope you enjoyed every mouthful!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

mahahahaha!!! That was fabulous!

Meandering Michael said...

Oh, I did!