June 29, 2010

A Mammoth Obsession.

Practically every day, Jade has been asking if she can go for a ride in the bike trailer.

It's not the ride that she's interested in, it's the location that matters to her. She wants to go here:

The Beringia Centre.
It's not because of the giant beaver.

It's not because of the big, mean scimitar cat.

It's not because of all the fun games for kids to play.

It's because she wants to see the mammoths. Jade has become obsessed with the mammoths.

Halia likes it, too. What could be more fun than running under the legs of a giant mammoth?

"Oh, no!  What's that!"
"It's Nanuq, the scimitar cat!"
"He's going to eat the mammoths!"

Jade says, "I'll protect you, mammoths!"
"There, there, baby mammoth. You're safe now."

The Beringia Centre is so worth the cost of the annual family pass.


dogsled_stacie said...

Of course I totally agree with you!!! :)

I love how they love the place and love reading about people enjoying their visit here. Be sure to come by on Canada Day for some super special things we have planned... rarely seen fossils just *might* be coming out of the woodwork! And then they'll be gone, so see 'em while you can!

Meandering Michael said...

I heard about that on the radio! The Big Band is playing at Rotary Park and, since we're in the Big Band, will have to be there for that - but when we're not playing you know that's where we want to be!

Marian said...

Thanks for the photos. We haven't been to the centre yet.....will have to take the girls when we're up there.

Scientific Chick said...

Your kids are pretty darn cute. Looks like fun times!

RachelW said...

Michael! Get thee over to my blog, for there be prizes.... :-)

Meandering Michael said...