June 18, 2010

"You'll be back in six months."

"You'll be back in six months."

That's what someone told me when I left my job to become self-employed. I'd heard a lot of comments like that.

It wasn't without some trepidation that I made the leap. The decision to leave a job - especially when you've recently had a baby - is not an easy one. There were some sleepless nights. But I weighed my options carefully and the stars aligned so that the transition was an easy one.

I wanted some variety in my work and I got it. I wanted work that was satisfying and I found it. There have been frustrating times and frustrating projects but, overall, I thoroughly enjoy the work; I get to help people who are trying to achieve good things for themselves and others.

The prophesied six months came and went. It has now been four years.

On my four year anniversary of self-employment I look back and realize that I've never once regretted my decision.


Geof Harries said...

Congratulations on four years of makin' it happen...livin' the dream. You're right, there's still a lot of stress and stuff to worry about, but every one of those moments are worth the satisfaction and reward of building something of your own.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That is fantastic! Congratulations on four years!