May 23, 2010

Stepping into History

Looking back at my muddy tracks
I declare
This is how dinosaur trackways were made!
A mark upon this earth
Preserved for millions of years
An individual's mark preserved for millions of years
Like a fingerprint
Only better

I leave my mark in my muddy tracks
I question
How will the beings of the future interpret the soles of my shoes?
A tread upon this earth
From a being unlike any other
An unusual tread unlike any other
Not like a fingerprint
Maybe better

I am filled with awe by my muddy tracks
I realize
There is nothing else I can do that will make a mark more eternal
A figure in Earth's history
Remembered for aeons
An indelible figure remembered for aeons
A signature of my existence
For all time

The wind carries my tracks away to lands unknown
I wonder
Maybe the Earth doesn't want me to leave a mark
Everything is erased
Even if it takes millennia
The Earth doesn't like anyone leaving prints
And that could be why
The dinosaurs are no longer with us

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