May 05, 2010

Back to Beaver Creek.

I'm in Beaver Creek again. It seems like I was just here! How quickly the months fly by.

This trip marks the first time ever that I've seen sheep on Sheep Mountain. Its a scenic mountain on it's own. Sprinkle a dozen sheep and a warm Spring afternoon sun on its slopes and it becomes even more scenic.

I saw this wiley critter along the way. S/He was very wary of any vehicles, which is good, but something was keeping her/him in the area. A kill? A den? I'll never know.

The warmer weather and long spring days are melting things quickly. The larger lakes are still covered with ice but some of the smaller ones are starting to clear. This lake made me pause for reflection. As you can see.

I love how I don't have to worry about driving long distances in the dark at this time of year. Extended nighttime driving just gets so tiring. According to Environment Canada, sunrise in Beaver Creek today was at 05:56 and the sunset was at 22:45. It's still quite bright outside and will be for a while. And the days are still getting longer.

As scenic as the entire drive from Whitehorse to Beaver Creek is, I think I like the section closest to Beaver Creek the best. Not because of the perpetually horrid state of the highway (they really try their best, but Mother Nature's frost heaves are kicking their butts on this one), but because there's something about the area the makes for great, dramatic cloud formations.

I'll be here for the week and I'm certain that, just like the clouds in the sky and the traffic on the Alaska Highway, the time will fly right by.

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