January 07, 2010

Parents ask the dumbest questions.

Me: "Jade, you're being very quiet. Why are you so quiet?"
Jade: "Because I'm not talking."


Anonymous said...

I would never have seen that one coming!

Clare said...

Love it.

Carolyn said...

Out of the mouths of Babes!!!
It was my time in the Yukon that helped me to enjoy winter in any weather. Up north if you didn't dress properly for the weather you die...right? So I dress to be warm not to look good and winter, even in Ottawa isn't that bad!
Smiles Michael and have a great weekend....heard it is a little mild up there right now.

Meandering Michael said...

I always found that it was hard to dress for the winter in Ottawa because the dampness just goes right through your clothes.

Yes, it's mild right now, but that's good news because it's supposed to bring more snow! Yay!