January 06, 2010

I am now calling my Internet search bar's auto-fill feature the "search ejaculator".

For reasons that don't matter, I was looking into the idiom "eating your own words". I started typing the phrase into my handy-dandy search bar. What appeared in the auto-fill was shocking and frightening. Google, is this seriously what ranks highest when one searches for phrases containing the words "eating your"?


Megan said...

AUGH. I just tried typing it, too.

Jennybell said...

HA! I typed in Needaweiner (someone posted it on FB) and I was surprised that 0 porn sites came up!

Scientific Chick said...

For more, check out

Though sometimes I'm not sure they're all legit, it's still funny.

Meandering Michael said...

Ha! That's a GREAT site!