December 14, 2009

Canadian Blog Awards - Round 2!

Soooo close! I came soooo close to making the top 10 in the Best Personal Blog category of the Canadian Blog Awards. If the process was based on a one-vote basis, I would have been in, but they're using a sort of "proportional representation" system and I was booted out when all of the "second- and third-place" votes were tallied.

I'm not crying. The pressure is off and I think it was a pretty impressive showing considering that there were nearly fifty other entrants and that I didn't know that you could vote every day.

The pressure is on for Fawn, though! She made it to the next round in the Best Family Blog category! This is the category she won 3rd Place in last year. Can she retain her position - or even take first?!? I know that I'll be voting for her every day and I hope you will too!

(I'll also be voting for Scientific Chick in the Best Science and Technology Blog category. She is, in my humble opinion, the best Science "columnist" out there!)

Happy voting!


Megan said...

Yeah, what is UP with voting every day? Who knew? Geez. I've got Fawn, though. Her site is awesome.

Scientific Chick said...

Hey, thanks for the mention! I really appreciate it. And, of course, Fawn has my support. And you guys are all so cute in the family picture!

I'm also confused about the every day voting. For some reason, I could swear that I saw recently that you could only vote once per round.