December 05, 2009

Bits of flying sandwiches?

Poor Robert. He traveled all the way from Fort Liard to Whitehorse to compete in a hand games tournament - but the event got rescheduled after he arrived.

I took him back to the bus depot on Friday. Before the Greyhound arrived, we walked over to the grocery store so he could stock up on food for the trip. On our way there, we noticed this:

Now, if I ate at Quiznos (or worked there), I would be concerned about this. Is that guy in the picture sneezing sandwich chunks everywhere? Or is he projectile vomiting? Either way, having a gigantic "DON'T BE SICK" advertisement in such close proximity to a restaurant is disconcerting.


Marian said...


Janet said...

That is hilarious!!

Carolyn said...

Must do wonders for their business!!