July 21, 2009

The power of music. And media. And poor customer service.

After my own dealings with a still-boycotted airline (I could have flown with them so many times it's not even funny - they've easily lost over $15,000 or more worth of my business), I sometimes wondered if there was a better way to express my displeasure.

Now I know there was.

Ah, the power of music! I've still got the tune in my head.

Ah, the power of media! Nearly 3.6 million views on youtube and a five-star rating with nearly 25,000 ratings.  Oh, there was a feature on CNN, too.

Ah, the power of poor customer service! I bet that a $3,500 guitar replacement looks cheap in comparison to the amount of bad publicity and business they're going to lose over this one!


Carolyn said...

I saw this when it first happened and I still hum the tune when I am walking. Now how about a catchy little tune for Air Caca!!!
Smiles and have a great week.

Meandering Michael said...

Ha ha, "Air Caca"! I hadn't heard that one. Love it!

APF said...

Catchy tune and Canadian too! I saw this on the BBC this morning. This band's gonna go places.

Meandering Michael said...

I agree. I listened to some of their other tunes - good stuff!

Jennybell said...

I saw this on the NBC Today show weekend edition.

Marianne said...

I always did like Sons of Maxwell.