June 20, 2009

I forgot my anniversary...

In the craziness that is life, I completely forgot to celebrate my 3rd anniversary of being self-employed.

Not too long ago, someone sent me a job advertisement. I read it over and thought, it would be nice to work with a team again and the benefits are good. With a steady income like that, Fawn could be a stay-at-home mom if she wanted.

I sent the ad to Fawn and she said, without a doubt in her mind, "You'd hate it."

"Right!" I realised, "I'd have to wear a suit and tie!"

I love my wife. She knows me so well.

Three years later and I'm still glad I made the switch.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Suit and tie? Yuck!

Congrats on three years!

RachelW said...

I do see the appeal of self-employment. One day... maybe when the mortgage is paid off.

Jennybell said...

Good for you! It's healthier to be happy in your job.