April 09, 2009

Perfect conditions...

We're in peak kicksledding season right now. The sled glides over the snow like greased lightning! The snow is perfectly packed- not too hard on the dog's legs - and the the perfect consistency - it hasn't yet developed those sharp, hard, icy shards that cut the dogs' feet.

The other evening, I went out to towards Miles Canyon with the dogs and we kicksledded along the old White Pass & Yukon Route tracks until we got close to McRae. Then, we rode down the long trail to McRae Landing, where I'm told the American military used to do their laundry during the construction of the Alaska Highway.

Here are a few pictures from our run. They were taken between 21:00 and 21:45-ish.

A poplar tries to cut in on some telephone conversations. I love the glass insulators on these old lines. I wonder if they're still used for anything?

It was a little creepy passing under the tree...

One of the nicest and easiest-to-get-to views in Whitehorse (in my opinion), overlooking Miles Canyon and Schwatka Lake.

A closer look.

Near the entrance of Miles Canyon

Looking down the river from McRae Landing

Looking upriver at Mount Lorne from McRae Landing.

Either the work of a guy with bad penmanship or the signature of a very talented lady; either way, c'mon! Did you have to do it right in the middle of the trail?! Use a snow bank!

We've also been getting out on the Copper Trail and have been flying over the trails around my neighbourhood. I offer my sincerest apologies to the lady we almost ran over last night. My whoops of elation as we flew down the trail should have given her plenty of warning, but she couldn't see us coming around that blind corner and we almost took her and her dog out. No harm done, fortunately.

I'm not entirely sure if her "Woah!" was from the shock of the close call or from her being so impressed at our speed.

There'll be no kicksledding tonight, but I'm sure looking forward to the full day off tomorrow!


Kennie said...

Wow - those are amazing pictures Michael! I've so got to get out there!

Meandering Michael said...

Let me know when you do!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Beautiful views!!

I bet you nearly gave that poor person a heart attack!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Beautiful scenery. That's what I call being one with nature. I don't know why this question came up, but do you get cell phone reception out there? And, regarding the last image, it could be a dog or wild animal, no?

Meandering Michael said...

Nancy, we have cellphone service for CDMA phones, but not for GMS phones, unfortunately. We MIGHT be getting G3-compatible service in the near future. In other words, we have cell phone service, but it depends on what system your provider uses.

Nah, I'm pretty sure it isn't a dog or wild animal. There was definitely an attempt at cursive writing.