March 29, 2009

Better than a punch in the shoulder...

Remember that lame schoolyard joke, where someone would hurt their finger and some moron would say, "Want me to make your finger feel better?" - and then punch the poor person in the shoulder?

This evening, I had a splitting headache. It was likely from going to bed too late and then waking up at 3:30 and again from 5:30 onwards with Little Miss Twitchy.

I dragged my aching head outside to give the dog a walk. Before we went, I wanted to check on something on the second floor of the shed (yes, my shed has two stories - it's a big shed). The steps were icy from the recent melt and subsequent freeze - something that I forgot about on my way back down. I slipped and landed hard on my left arm. Pain shot through my elbow and shoulder and I wondered for a moment if I broke something. I stood up, made sure that everything was working - and realised that my headache was gone. Completely gone.

My arm feels fine, too.



Geof Harries said...

It's a well-known, though rarely discussed, tactic in skateboarding injury management that causing external pain will quickly relieve inner pain. And vice versa.

Meandering Michael said...

Skateboarders are so wise.

Jennybell said...

what is it with 3:30!! Naomi's up at that time too!