February 09, 2009

The proof is in the pudding...

I was pretty happy with how the CBC Newsworld interview went, although I still haven't seen it. It's pretty fun to do an interview when the host is still laughing from watching the video.

I know the segment went to air because shortly afterwards I got a call from a woman asking me about Jade's special diet. She'd heard me mention it in the interview. Her niece's son has seizures and medications aren't working. After seeing the segment, she looked up my number and phoned, wanting to know more about how we're controlling Jade's seizures. Even if nothing else comes out of my campaign to get hired for Tourism Queensland's "Best Job in the World", if that little bit of information helps the kid, then it was all worthwhile.

So, why didn't I watch the segment when it was on?

I wanted to film another video to demonstrate to Tourism Queensland that I can show the world what the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef have to offer. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

To make the video, Fawn, Jade, Halia, and I went to UNCOMMON JOURNEYS to meet the dogs and ride in a dogsled! FUN!

Here's the video. I love how one of the dogs plays camera hog. I also really like the sled ride segment at the end. I know Jade does too; she kept asking me to play it over and over and over again this morning. And again and again this evening.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I couldn't find the CBC interview, but I did see something about you building a "guerrilla snow sculpture." :)

Great film! The dog was hysterical, and you looked so comfortable in front of that camera, Michael.

Nemmy said...

I just saw you on Newsworld!! It aired about 7:45am PST... so I imagine it'll be airing at around the same time every few hours if they do their usual thing... :) It was awesome - singing Nanuk. Except... where was Crook??