January 28, 2009

My "Best Job in the World" Application Video!

After a suspenseful wait, it's up! My "Best Job in the World" application video is finally up!

I know exactly what you'll be thinking when you watch this video. You'll be thinking, "What style! What grace! What the heck?! Give this guy the job!"

You can watch the video by clicking here: Meandering Michael's Best Job in the World Application Video"


Anonymous said...

With that style and grace how can they not hire you.

Was that over flow (or just the flippers) you tripped over?

1234567890 said...

Hah! That was hilarious! Hope you get it!

Anonymous said...

After that performance you simply HAVE to get the job!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That was spectacular!!!!!!

KatzPJs said...

Well, he's all you'd ever want
he's the kind you'd like to flaunt and take to dinner
But he always knows his place (in Australia!!)
he's got style, he's got grace--he's a winner

he's a winner
Oh, whoa, whoa, he's a winner
Talkin' about that winner
And the winner is crazy

Well, he's never in the way
Always something nice to say, and what a blessin'
we can leave him on his own
Knowin' he's OK alone and there's no messin'
he's a winner
Oh, whoa, whoa, he's a winner
Talkin' about that winner
And the winner is crazy

Well, he never asks very much
And how can we refuse him?
Always treat him with respect
I never would abuse him
What he's got is hard to find
And we don't want to lose him to hyperthermia
Help him build an island
From a little pile of clay, hey hey hey

Well, he knows what we're about
he can take what we dish out, and that's not easy
But he knows us through and through
And he knows just what to do, he wants that Island!

he's a winner
Oh, whoa, whoa, he's a winner
Talkin' about that winner
And the winner is crazy!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's a winner
Oh, whoa, whoa, so give him the job!
Talkin' about that winner
And the winner is crazy!!
(fade out)

- Kat

Speaka said...

That was awesome!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha - best video ever. Did you squeal at the beginning? I really hope you get it!!!

Kathleen Kaz

Anonymous said...

From a mothers perspective...I just want to know.......
This would be a dream job and yes, I hope you get it and wish you well...but,
After reading your wifes blogs & how she has hard days coping with 2
children, how is this going to make your life better?
Can you get meds, home support there, or the right food for your child's diet or for the little one that will soon be mobile?

Jennybell said...

Know I know where Jade got the flippers!
I hope you don't loose to some guy in a Speedo! Man I hate those things!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, the message from anonymous "from a mother's perspective" wasn't from me!
Great job, Michael, and I know if you get the job (and of course you should), you and Fawn will find a way to make things work, and Jade and Halia will be fine.
Love, Mom
See you Down Under...if not before!

Meandering Michael said...

Thanks for your concerns, Anonymous-that-is-coming-from-a-mom's-perspective-but-isn't-MY-Mom. Everything is fine from the medical angle for Jade and for her diet or I wouldn't have even considered applying.

Although I have a burning need to explore, I'm doing this for Fawn more than anyone else. This job will allow me to spend more quality time with my family doing fun and exciting things. THAT'S why it's "The Best Job in the World."

(Plus, not having to bundle Jade and Halia into six layers of clothes to go outside to play will certainly be a bonus.)

Anonymous said...

That water looks cold and you look like the Mike that is forever matching witts with nature.

Party on Mikey!!


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Brrrr!! I'm cold just looking at ya. I don't know about style and grace, but that took guts. And, you look pretty cute in those flippers:) I'm sure Fawn agrees!

You have to win. All the other videos made me yawn!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for answering my questions, (re:mom's perspective, but not your mom's). (I am also getting you ready for the interview process!)
Now, you for sure have my vote!

dogsled_stacie said...

Good answer to Anon. Michael - that is one great reason to be doing this. Besides what an experience for your kids!!!

You should TOTALLY get it now!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You've been linked at

Good Luck!