December 01, 2008

Yes, dear. You're right, dear.

I have to confess, when I looked at the long, long list of nominees for the "Best Family Blog" category of the Canadian Blog Awards - the category in which my wife was nominated - my first thought was, "Poor dear. She doesn't stand a chance."

I didn't think this because of any deficiencies in her writing; I quite enjoy her writing style.  For obvious reasons, I find her subject matter interesting, though I would be quick to admit that most wouldn't.  I mean, why would anyone want to read about my family?  There are lots of families out there with stories of their own.

I thought she wouldn't stand a chance in the Canadian Blog Awards because Canada is a big country and there are lots and lots of family bloggers.  Out of that long, long list of nominees, I figured there were bound to be a few with huge readerships, famous writers, corporate sponsorships, etc.  Fawn's blog is only a small fish in a big pond, after all.  

Today, however, I found out that she made it to the Final Five in her category.

I shouldn't be surprised, come to think of it.  She's always proving me wrong.

Voting for the Final Five is now open!  Can the little fish from the Yukon win "Best Family Blog"?  Vote for Fawnahareo's Place: Life as a Mom in the Yukon today!

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