December 18, 2008

I love cold weather (except for when I have to drive).

I love really cold weather. I really, truly do. If you know me well, that probably doesn't surprise you, but whether you knew that or not, you're probably wondering why I love really cold weather.

I love really cold weather because:
  • The sky gets amazingly clear and the stars shine brighter and the sun shines stronger (even if the sun is low on the horizon);
  • Extended periods of cold help to kill off the invading pine and spruce beetles;
  • Ice fog sometimes forms and gives everything an enchanted look;
  • Sundogs sometimes make an appearance;
  • It's fun to grow a beardsicle (having a beard is a prerequisite);
  • It feels neat when I blink and my eyelashes stick together;
  • It feels neat when I sniff and my nostrils stick together;
  • I know how to dress for it and actually feel comfortable, even when staying outside for extended periods of time (including overnight).  That makes me feel like I belong to some sort of special club;
  • While I don't like actually doing it, I love the idea that you can burn your skin on cold metal if you're not careful;
  • You can hear things over greater distances;
  • The snow gets all crunchy and sometimes makes a neat styrofoam sound when you walk on it; 
  • The air smells fresher; and
  • It gives everyone something to talk about.
There are other reasons, of course, but the main reason why I like really cold weather is because it makes everyone slow down and pay attention to the world around them.

I will admit, however, that cold weather sometimes causes something that I don't like.  I don't like it when my car won't start (because of a crappy battery), which is what happened tonight as Fawn and I were trying to get to Big Band practice (we have a gig on Saturday night at the Transportation Museum).

I called my neighbour, Mike, to see if we could get a boost.  He said, "Just take my truck."  We couldn't take his truck because we had to bring Halia with us and can't put the car seat in it safely.

"Just take my car then," he said, "I need to go pick up Joanne now, so I'll take the truck and you take the car."

I have great neighbours.  I loaded my trumpet into the car when my neighbour informed me that his truck's front tire was flat.  Ack!  We were already late for practice.

"That's OK!" I exclaimed, "I have an air compressor!"

I ran to the shed and filled the compressor.  I loaded the compressor onto a sled and pulled it out to the truck.  I plugged in the stiff hose, but it didn't go in properly and the compressor valve opened, emptying its contents.  "I need an extension cord to plug in the compressor..."

"Nah, I'll deal with the truck tomorrow," says my neighbour, "We'll boost your car tomorrow, too.  I'll drive you, pick up Joanne, and come and get you from practice later."

Did I already mention that I have great neighbours?


Anonymous said...

... and when I want to walk around Vancouver and take pictures!
My son still doesn't quite understand why I laughed so hard over ou!the plunger... Thank y

Anonymous said...

Oh this brings back memories! I too love the cold, though did always apologize to my truck when I'd turn the key.
It's been 'cold' in Victoria the last few days and so wonderfully crisp and sunny! (It does feel like it should be March, though, given how much light is coinciding with the snow and cold!)

Anonymous said...

you're insane. which is cool, cause that's most likely why i love you so much :)

Meandering Michael said...

Allmyke, I hope you never have to use it!

Sarah, how is everyone else in Victoria handling the "cold" snap?

Shannon, you know you love the cold, too! said...
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