October 06, 2008

I wish I'd gone to THAT school...

The mention of my high school grades from this morning's posting reminded me of a conversation from last week with my "Internet Service Provider" (quotation marks intentional), Navigo.

I phoned to complain about the trouble I was having sending e-mails and downloading web pages.  Everything kept timing-out.  Based on some speed tests that I did in the days prior to the call, I observed that I was getting abysmal upload speeds and my download speeds were nowhere near the advertised rate.  The upload speeds were making dial-up look fast.

I commented to the representatives that I wasn't even getting 50% of the advertised download speeds and that, if this were a test, it wouldn't count as a "pass".

She said, "Actually, it would."

"Ok," I replied, "49% then."

Without missing a beat, she informs me, "That would count as a pass, too."

"It would?" I ask, more than a little confused, "What system of math are you using?"

"Anything over 30% of the advertised speed counts as a pass."

Talk about high standards!

Maybe I should be making my payments to Navigo the same way: anything over 30% of the invoice counts as a pass.


Nemmy said...

Hahahaha!! You should totally write a letter to them with that in it!!

Anonymous said...

Navigo was truly the poorest excuse for an ISP I've ever experienced. Like you, we got dial-up speeds (and often no connection at all) despite promise after promise after promise about improvements that were coming. I'm now back with NWTel ADSL, which isn't anything to brag about but blows away Navigo .

Peter Tyrrell said...

Pathetic customer service. At least you were talking to a human being. Or a Turing machine.

Meandering Michael said...

To be fair, she DID say that she would look into it. Since I haven't heard back, I must assume she's still looking into it...

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I like your idea. Definitely pay just 30% of your bill next time!