October 20, 2008

Excuse me, please.

I got a summons to appear for jury duty the other day.

I must confess, I've always wanted to be a juror. Weird, eh?

Unfortunately, the summons came at a bad time. A pregnant wife, approaching year-end for work, and, oh, yeah, an epileptic kid. I filed a request to be excused.

I head back from them today.

I have been excused.


Anonymous said...

I think you mean "heard" back, not "head" back, but we'll ascribe that to sleep-deprivation, right? ;)

Also, don't you know that saying a person is "epileptic" is very offensive? Please: she's a person with epilepsy. :P

Meandering Michael said...

Yeah, that's what I meant. Both of 'em.

Karyn said...

I have always wanted to get summoned for jury duty as well. Maybe one day my time will come!