September 23, 2008

The worst kind of enemy.

The worst kind of enemy is one who:
  • you cannot see,
  • you cannot find,
  • doesn't have an identifiable objective,
  • strikes at your loved ones without warning,
  • uses your loved ones as a shield so you're hesitant about striking back.
How do you get the upper hand on an enemy like that?

After two wonderful seizure-free days, Jade's seizures are back with a vengeance.  In the past few days, she's had twenty to thirty seizures each day (that we've seen).  Yesterday, one of them caused her to pitch forward violently, cutting the inside of her cheek and causing it to swell up like a blowfish on the defensive.  As much as we wrack our brains, we just can't find a link to what might be causing them.

Her medication has been increased.  Again.  It's starting to feel like we're pinned down in a fox hole, lobbing hand grenades.   What's that?  Another attack from the enemy?  Let's lob a few more hand grenades and hope it works this time...

We've been through a long fight so far and we're battle weary.  I just hope we can survive the war.


Anonymous said...

If anyone can, my friend, it's you. Hang in there. And hang on to your sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

If I had a miracle grenade, you and Fawn would sure be welcome to it. Bad things should only be allowed happen to bad people - God knows there are enough of those around to absorb all the bad that needs to happen.

Peter Tyrrell said...

What a pain in the ass. Life is a [insert cliche here]. I don't know.