September 22, 2008

How to lose my vote in 4 easy steps.

I've never discussed politics on this blog until now.  It's strange;  I have no problems sharing stories about things flying out of my nose but, for some reason, writing about my personal political views makes me uncomfortable.  Still, I felt the need to share.

I don't vote along party lines since campaign promises made by political parties are rarely upheld.  Instead, I vote for the candidate that I think will best represent my riding.  I don't really care which party the candidate represents (although it's unlikely that I would have ever voted for the Natural Law Party of Canada, even though I got a kick out of their proposed missile defense strategy).  At the start of any election, I'm willing to give all of the candidates an even shake.  I say this so you can be assured that this post isn't an "I like this party but not this party" rant.

What this post is, is an instruction guide to campaign managers who are looking for a quick and simple way to lose my vote. 
How to Lose my Vote in Four Easy Steps
Step 1: Send two people door-to-door claiming to be updating the voters registry.
Step 2: Collect information on the names and number of eligible voters, etc.
Step 3: Hand out campaign literature for your party's candidate.
Step 4:  Leave quickly.
The aforementioned actually happened to us.  Fawn answered the door and, based on what the people at the door told her, was under the impression that they were from Elections Canada to update the voting list.  She was on the phone and said it wasn't a good time.  Before they left, they handed her some campaign literature. 

I called Elections Canada today to find out if their staff were allowed to hand out campaign literature. Of course, they're not. Fortunately, Elections Canada staff weren't handing out campaign literature because they weren't anywhere near the area at the time.  It was a couple of representatives from one of the candidates claiming to be updating "the voting list".  

Yeah, they were updating a voting list alright; their party's own list of eligible voters - and I don't want to be on one of those for any of the parties (Why not?  Just in case they decide to sell their lists to telemarketing companies for a few extra campaign dollars).

I find this tactic to be, well...underhanded.

I won't say which candidate/party the people were representing, but I will say that, as of Sunday afternoon, I know of at least one candidate who doesn't deservative my vote in this election.


Anonymous said...

Come on... was it Pasloski?

Anonymous said...

I vote for you listing the canditate as well. You see the same thing happened to me on Sunday - and it was the Larry Bagnell people. Once I figured it out, I was happy to tell them - what - Larry doesn't have the balls to come to my door? (he knows why!)

Anonymous said...

As of yet, NO political party has come to my door and attempted to deceive me. What am I doing wrong? Or right? Or left? Or green, wherever that is?

On an unrelated related topic, unless times have really changed in the Yukon, if you seem drunk enough, I'm pretty sure a couple of parties would be delighted to give you a free ride to the advance poll.

Bud Watson-Firth said...
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Meandering Michael said...

Ha ha, are all you anonymouses the same person? I left a big hint somewhere in the post. I'm sure you're all clever enough to find it and figure it out.

Meandering Michael said...

Oh, and I'm really curious anonymous, why doesn't Larry "have the balls to come to your door"?

Anonymous said...


He's a funny guy that one, actually made the mistake of approaching me and my wife at the farmer's market. Not 5 minutes before that, said wife was venting about running into him and tearing a strip off (she has a few issues)...

She made a scene and told him how she was voting Green this time around...boy he was looking for a diversion quick.

I rescued him...against my better judgment.

Anonymous said...

I'm the Anonymous who hasn't been harassed by any candidates yet. Can't claim credit, anonymous or otherwise, for any of the other anonymous commentary on this post.

Thanks for pointing out what a lazy skimmer of a reader I am.



Anonymous said...

our local Liberal candidate came to my door last week. Although I hate them a LOT and wouldn't dream of voting for them, what bothered me the most about it was that they rang my doorbell while Maggie was napping DESPITE THE FREAKIN SIGN SAYING "NO SOLICITORS"!!!!!

Marian said...

Reminds me of the time we had a salesman come to our door to do a "survey" of young married couples (yes, it was a loooong time ago). He swore he wasn't selling anything.
He was a little nervous of our German Shep., but Jim kept a good hold on him....even though he just wanted to give the guy a kiss.
By the time the guy laid out encyclopedias on the floor, Jim stood up....and so did Duke, panting. Jim told the guy to get out. He threw his stuff in his case and literally ran down the street. It was fantastic.
We also had a no solicitor sign on the door.

Anonymous said...

How idiotic to swear you're not selling anything and then pull out your sales pitch. Well, you've just convinced everyone of how trustworthy you are, haven't you?