September 01, 2008

Like some sort of adventure challenge...

Hiking one day and canoeing and biking the next, it's only natural that I cap the long weekend with a little bit of rock climbing. I've decided to call it the "Labour Day Weekend Adventure Challenge". I wasn't racing anybody, so I came in first place. It feels good to be a champion.

My brother and I went to the Rock Gardens this morning for a couple of easy climbs. Easy for him, anyway. He bounced up them like a happy little bunny hopping through a meadow. He's been climbing all "summer". I struggled up them like a moose trying to climb a greased pole. It was only the second time I've gone climbing this year.

The rocks chilled our hands and it was threatening rain, but it was great to get out and climb. My new climbing shoes made a big difference. With my bouldering room soon to be finished (more on that in another entry on another day), it won't be long before I'm flying up the rock face like a squirrel on speed.

Tim takes a tea break before he begins a climb. No, he does not climb in insulated rubber boots - though he probably could.

An easy wall to help me get back into climbing shape.

Tim bounces upwards. I think he completed this route in a little under two minutes, but he was taking his time.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahahha like a squirrel on speed! love it!

Anonymous said...

I must say I'm still feeling a bit miffed about you appropriating a full quarter of our new shed space for a personal hobby without even checking with me first. :P

Meandering Michael said...

You appropriated a section of the house for your scrapbooking, so we're even. :P

Anonymous said...

Nope - I consulted with you on that first (multiple times) and it takes up a lot less room in a space we weren't using. I wouldn't mind a climbing wall going up the side of our HOUSE, for example. Pbthththt!