August 13, 2008

In time, my typing will be stronger...

I went to the Rock Gardens with my brother tonight. Close to the Hamilton Boulevard Extension, it's a mess. There are rocks (from errant blasting, no doubt) strewn everywhere. Fortunately, the good climbing areas are nice and clean.

I didn't do any difficult climbs, since I haven't climbed in years, but I still feel it in my forearms. It's going to make typing difficult tomorrow, when they cramp up.

I'd like to get back into climbing shape, but that's not going to happen if I have to keep climbing in my falling-apart running shoes. I feel sort of bad about getting climbing shoes, though. I don't NEED them, but I'd like them. I often give Fawn a hard time when she purchases things that I consider unnecessary, and the double-standard wouldn't be fair.

Fawn, if I get some climbing shoes, I might be able to develop some nice pecs and get my six-pack back. Does that sound fair to you?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, you're already thinner than me, so if you get pecs and a six-pack, then you'll definitely be the better-looking one in the team. And that will force me to be the brains. Oh wait, I already am. ;)

Oh, go buy your shoes, you silly dodo.