July 17, 2008

Looking down on Whitehorse.

After university, Fawn and I spent two months travelling around Europe.  While we were in Monaco, we stumbled across an exhibit promoting the book "Earth from Above: 365 Days".  The earth has such a naturally artistic feel to it, especially when viewed from above.

I remember thinking that it must have been a lot of fun to take the pictures for that book.  Last night, I had the chance to ride along on a flight around Whitehorse and the Fish Lake area.  Here is my version of "Earth from Above: 365 Days", which I shall call "Whitehorse from Above: One Evening".

Beside the runway at YXY.

Whitehorse Copper tailings.

Tailings doughnuts.

A pond in the tailings.  Does that make it a tailings pond?


Mountain lines.

Creek, winding into Fish Lake.


A heaving creek.

Pond above Fish Lake.  Is that a bunny?  A marten?

Alpine tundra.

Sheep trail.

Great shades of green.

Shadow on speckles.

An alpine creek.

Glacial geology.

Mountain side.

A lot o' rock.

Mount Granger slide.

A neapolitan mountain.

Red rock.

Parallel lines.

Micro islands.

Caribou moss on the mountain side.

Sandy slopes.

Underwater landscape.

Long wake.

Rippled waters.

Rippled mountains.

Sparkling waters and sunny islands.

Sunny shore.

Aquatic northern lights.

Residential radius.


Shallow pond.

An island of poplar in a sea of pine.

Fish Lake Road.

Beaver dam.

Soccer field.

Beaver pond in progress.



Anonymous said...

Those photos are fantastic!
I love the way aerial photos make the world abstract. (We have the Earth from the Air book and turn over a page each day.)


Meandering Michael said...

Thanks! We do live on a pretty abstract world, don't we?

1234567890 said...

Great shots Michael!