June 05, 2008

A Happy Ibex Evening

Owing to a recent series of unfortunate events, I'm behind on my blogging. Now, as I relax in the backyard with Jade, waiting for our flight to see the specialist in Vancouver this evening, I'm taking the opportunity to do a bit of catching up.

My brother and I went for a bike ride to the Ibex Valley boulders a couple of weeks ago. It was a quick ride in but I wish we'd left earlier in the evening so we could have done more bouldering and more exploring.

This is a great area for working on climbing techniques and there are a lot of fun, challenging climbs. It's especially nice to see that it hasn't been vandalized like the Rock Gardens.

Some of these pictures were taken by Tim and some were taken by me. Enjoy!

The boulders are at the bottom of that mountain.

Taking a quick picture break on the ride in.

Nanuq takes a break of a different sort.

Riding into the valley.

Trying on Tim's too-small, toe-breaking climbing shoes.

Tim tackles an easy one.

Tim attempts a harder one.

Working on a little challenge.

Looking for a way up and across.

Finding it.

Caught between a rock and a hard place.

Taking a turn.


Shaving a little leg hair off before applying a band-aid.

The beautiful boulder gardens.


IndyComp0T1 said...

Very cool bouldering pics! Makes me wish I could go climbing again!

Meandering Michael said...

You will.