March 08, 2008


I am in Fort Simpson, on my way through town for some work.  Through sheer coincidence, it also happens to be the Beavertail Jamboree, Fort Simpson's spring festival.  While I have been spending some of the weekend working, I thought it would be a shame to pass up all of the beautiful  spring-like weather.

I walked down to the Papal Flats where I heard they were going to be having snow-cross races.  Snow-cross is basically Motocross, but instead of motor bikes or dirt bikes, the racers use snow machines.  I'm not such a huge fan of snow machines - they're loud and they smell - but I can't begrudge how very cool they look when they're flying through the air (click the pics to make 'em bigger - they look better that way).

1)  ... and we have lift-off!

2)  ...they soar through the air with the greatest of ease...

3)  Coming in for a landing...

4)  Touchdown!


Snow machine madness! (Check out the air on that guy in the back!)

A tight race.

1.  Beginning launch sequence...

2)  "Woohoo!"

3)  The competition is right behind!

4)  It's like Darth Vader on a snow machine!

They start the snow machine indoctrination when they're young.  This thing sounded like it had a lawnmower engine in it.

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