February 25, 2008

Not exactly Colgate.

In the mornings, I like to have a shower. It's my morning ritual. I get to start every day fresh and clean. For the past several months, Jade has been joining me. She sits at the bottom of the shower stall and happily plays with her water-friendly toys. The arrangement gives us an easy way to clean off all the dirt that a two-year-old somehow collects, and gives Fawn a little more time to get ready in the morning.

Jade enjoys playing in the water, and I don't mind having her at my feet that much either, even if it makes my morning shower a little awkward. Sometimes, Jade will ask to be picked up and, after I do, she will inevitably ask for my toothbrush.

I like to brush my teeth in the shower and keep one there for that very purpose. While some people might find find the idea of sharing a toothbrush gross, I let Jade use my toothbrush in the shower to brush her own teeth. After she's done, I let her brush mine. How could I ever resist her big, proud smile as she carefully maneuvers the toothbrush into my mouth and gently brushes my teeth? The way I see it, I'm helping to encourage a lifetime of good dental health.

Yesterday morning, however, the toothbrushing ritual did not go according to the routine.

It started off the same. Jade asked to be picked up. Then, she asked for the toothbrush and I gave it to her. Then, she rinsed it under the shower head. Then, she opened her mouth and moved the toothbrush towards it.

And that's when things changed.

Dangling from her open mouth was a long stream of snot. She swept the bristles of the toothbrush through the snot and, as I opened my mouth to say "Hold on, Jade," she redirected the snot-covered toothbrush right into my mouth.


It's not my intention to fill this blog with every little gross thing that happens, nor is it my intention to give non-parents and future parents the impression that having a child is a non-stop series of icky events. I guess the purpose of this entry is to remind myself how easy it is to take our routines for granted - and that we shouldn't get upset when those routines are disrupted because somewhere, sometime and somehow, a little bit of joy can be found in every disruption.

With a disgusted look on my face, I spat the toothbrush out and looked at Jade.

She was beaming; proud as heck that she can brush her papa's teeth.

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i really like this story! :)