February 08, 2008

The First Kiss Controversy: Setting the Record Straighter

If you have read Fawn's response to my posting on The First Kiss Controversy: Setting the Record Straight, you might think that I have some explaining to do.  So here it is:

Supposedly Damning Piece of Evidence #1
It's true.  She did refuse - for several minutes at least.  And I knew that she wasn't interested in any serious relationships after the relationship she'd just ended.  

So, why did I persist?

Because I wasn't trying to win her heart.  It was just a dinner with friends.  While I admit that I was attracted to her (and still am), she was a good friend and I respected her too much to be one of those slimy guys who concoct a scheme to steal her heart when I knew that she didn't want her heart to be stolen.

So, it wasn't some mission that I set out to accomplish by concocting an elaborate scheme.  It just happened. Does that make it any less romantic?  I think that makes it even more romantic. 

They say that "love is patient".  I could be patient. 

It would be another eight months before we "officially" started dating.

Supposedly Damning Piece of Evidence #2
Yes, the meal was fancy, but it was one of the few things I knew how to cook at the time.  Unless you count BBQ, left-overs, ramen noodles and KD.

So, members of the jury.  Guilty?  Not guilty?  The decision remains yours...


dogsled_stacie said...

After this controversy, I'm convinced - you two are totally meant to be together!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen both yours and your wife's story on this and I would have to say... Not guilty, Cause it didn't seem like you were out to "date" her and the kiss I would say just happen, it was the best way to end a really nice night. I'm sure that if things were more planned then I think that you would have been more romantic then what was done, that's why I say not guilty.

Mr. Chief