January 31, 2008

Stepping in it.

When I was in Saskatoon for a conference, I stopped by a book store and got a book for Jade called "Once Upon a Potty".  Jade had just been introduced to her potty and liked to sit on it and read. (I wonder where she gets that from?)

The book tells the story of Prudence, how Prudence got her potty, and her misadventures in learning how to use it.  In the end, though, she gets it right.

In my wisdom, I figured, get Jade the book and she'll figure out how to use the potty from reading the book together.

I am never as wise as I like to think I am.

As Jade was sitting on the potty, we read the book, yet again.  Then, just as we finished the book, Jade got off the potty and "made a poo-poo" on the floor.  Just like Prudence!

What the book doesn't show is Prudence stepping into the pile of feces and then standing back to show her dad.  And then, as she's showing her dad, walking around a little more to find another place to make another pile of warm poop.  Which she does.

The book also doesn't show Prudence's dad's attempts to stop his child from walking all around the bathroom and turning the green floor into a brown-covered canvas.  It also doesn't show how, in his desperation to contain and clean the mess, he puts Prudence into the bathtub with a bit of water.  

And the book certainly doesn't show the bits of poo that were once stuck to Prudence floating around the tub as Prudence lifts a cup that was in the tub to her lips and tries to drink some of the poopy water (which her dad, fortunately, stops in the nick of time).

In the end, "Prudence's dad" gets the mess all cleaned up.

"Prudence" is now enjoying a warm bath in the freshly scrubbed tub.

Poor "Prudence's dad" has cold feet because he had to take his socks off to be washed.

Stupid book.


Anonymous said...

LMAO! This is why staying at home as a parent is so FUN!

Anonymous said...

This is the BEST post EVER!! I was literally bent in two laughing. I've SO been there!!!


Anonymous said...

This is something that I would have to look out for form time down the road, this is like a good heads up thanks


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that I missed typed it's supposed to say "look out for some time"


dogsled_stacie said...

Ewwww, that just makes child rearing sound all that much more fun than I had imagined!!!!

Peter Tyrrell said...

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Anonymous said...

The fun has only just begun!

Anonymous said...

Embarassing myself laughing out loud at work. snicker snicker. Tears running down face. I have so BEEN there! (holding stomach from laughing and ignoring looks from co-workers)

...sorry I'm leaving this anonymously - can't remember my password! It's Nita.

Anonymous said...

hahaha...i missed this post and only linked to it today. Made me laugh....though i'm sure that does very little for you socks :)

- Kat