January 10, 2008

Feedback! I wannit!

I started Michael's Meanderings in May of 2005 to keep my Mum from hassling me about never calling to let her know that I'm still alive. Seriously. To that end, the blog has been a complete success.

Then, people other than my Mum started reading and I have to confess that I feel all giddy inside when someone tells me that they are. Really though, can any blogger really admit that they don't get a kick out of it when a complete stranger makes a nice comment on their blog?

But lately, I've been wondering: Why does anyone (other than my Mum) read Michael's Meanderings? I'm not talking about all the people who got here by Googling "pees his pants" or "Huang Long Restaurant in Edmonton" - I'm talking about regular readers.

I want to make Michael's Meanderings better, so I've designed a little survey and I'd really appreciate your feedback:
  1. Do I even know you?
  2. How did you find out about Michael's Meanderings?
  3. What do you like about Michael's Meanderings? (What keeps you coming back?)
  4. What don't you like about Michael's Meanderings?
  5. Should I: a) Keep it going. b) End the pain.
So, there you have it; four little questions. Please leave your responses in the comments section. If you like, your comments can be anonymous.

This posting marks my 527th entry to Michael's Meanderings. Whether you're a long-time reader or have just started reading, thanks for dropping by and thanks for your feedback.


ExploreNorth said...

I'm sure you're right that every blogger hopes for an audience whose members enjoy reading what is posted, Michael. I think I read every one of your posts, simply because I enjoy your meanderings. That's particularly true when you post photos and details of some of your back-country meanders - some of your NWT photos have been superb.

Anonymous said...

1. Yes

2. I live with you

3. Even though I basically know what's going on in your life, sometimes you write details that you forgot to mention to me. And I like your entertaining writing style. Besides, I like to point out mistakes you made because I'm a bully who makes herself feel better by taking other people down. Like this, "Ha! It's 5 questions, not 4!"

4. Darn, can't think of any other ways to pick on you

5 Definitely (a)

Guess who? (Hint: this is not Jade)

Just some pain in the (b)ass said...

1. Yes
2. Probably through Fish on Yukon
3. Insight into the mind of Michael
4. The surveys ;-)
5. a)

Elizabeth said...

1. Nope, I'm a complete stranger

2. Someone pointed it out to me when I expressed curiosity about life in the North of Canada

3. I remain curious about ordinary life where you live (I'm in the UK), but I've particularly enjoyed your long posts - the trip to Mexico and the car-buying and border crossing experiences. You write very entertainingly about these things.

4. Nothing springs to mind

5. More please

Speaka said...

1. Do I even know you?

Kinda/Not you said on facebook we're blog brothers.

2. How did you find out about Michael's Meanderings?

Through Chris and Jenn's blog.

3. What do you like about Michael's Meanderings? (What keeps you coming back?)

All the adventures...and I like your writing style.

4. What don't you like about Michael's Meanderings?

Nothing...its great.

5. Should I: a) Keep it going. b) End the pain.

Keep on truckin'...even though I gave up and settled into the comfortable laziness of facebook.

Anonymous said...

I figured I'd answer since I'd have a different perspective then friends or strangers (being somewhere in the middle).

1. Yes. No. Sort of. Lets say I know you better then you know me, because of your blog. (And we've met couple of times).

2. Not sure if it was Lindsay or your mom but most likely not Tim.

3 At first, I started reading your blog so that I would know what your family was talking about at the dinner table.
Then I quickly became Tim's official-unofficial updater.
But why do I keep coming back even now?? Because its always interesting and captivating. you have a great writing style.

4.Can't really think of anything.

5.As everyone else said, definetly (a).


Malva said...

1. I'm a complete stranger.

2. Through Urban Yukon.

3. The stories are well written and like Elizabeth from the UK, I just like reading about life in the North. Some days I wished I had moved to Whitehorse instead of Ottawa when we left NW BC, but I'm realizing it would probably be incompatible with alot of my environmental values (I'm sure being car free and eating locally are particularly hard in the Yukon). Doesn't keep me from dreaming tho!

4. Is it a trick question? Oh, I wish there were more pictures.

5. I vote a).

Peter Tyrrell said...

1. Yeah, I'm that guy with that chick your wife knows.

2. How did I find out? I can't even remember.

3. I like getting news on your family and your perspectives on / insights into / frustrations with life and the north, but none of that would be of any interest if it wasn't written with wit and flair.

4. I admit I skim the hikes.

5. Oh, keep going!

Anonymous said...

1. Do I even know you?
You know me from a lil town that you are in right now in the NWT.
2. How did you find out about Michael's Meanderings?
You told me about it some time before you moved to Whitehorse.
3. What do you like about Michael's Meanderings? (What keeps you coming back?)
The adventures that you go on I love reading about them.
4. What don't you like about Michael's Meanderings?
Nothing, it seems good the way it is.
5. Should I: a) Keep it going. b) End the pain.
I'd have to go with keep it going, cause if you end then I would have no other reason to be on the net other then NHL.

Mr. Chief
from FTL

Anonymous said...

1. Yes, from the old days of Ottawa JC.

2. From your Facebook profile

3. I enjoy your narrative style. I like reading about your interesting adventures and the everyday things which you make sound like interesting adventures. I also enjoy the photographs.

4. I like everything

5. Please keep it going!


Anonymous said...

1. Nope

2. Urban Yukon

3. Your writing style and northern theme

4. The blog is all good. The host (Blogger), however, is a pain in the ass when someone tries to comment. This is my third try.

The first time, I indicated "Wordpress" user, but because I wasn't signed in to Wordpress at the time, Blogger left the messaged: "You are not signed in" and I lost everything.

The second time, I logged into my Wordpress first, then refreshed MM's blog page, wrote my comment, and Blogger gave the message: "We cannot process your request at this time." Huh??? Of course I lost everything again.

So now, and hopefully this works, I'm posting as "Anonymous."

5. Keep your blog going! It's great!

Carole at Yukon Chatter Bug

Anonymous said...

Do I even know you? Yes but not well - we used to work together at Ec Dev (Did you hear Eugene announced his retirement, He is leaving Feb 29)

How did you find out about Michael's Meanderings? Through Urban Yukon

What do you like about Michael's Meanderings? (What keeps you coming back?) Curiosity.

What don't you like about Michael's Meanderings? Hmm - nothing?

Should I: a) Keep it going. b) End the pain. Definitely keep it going

Belinda said...

1. Do I even know you?

Not at all.

2. How did you find out about Michael's Meanderings?

I think through Urban Yukon.

3. What do you like about Michael's Meanderings? (What keeps you coming back?)

I like your writing style, your photos are excellent and you write about interesting, informative things.

4. What don't you like about Michael's Meanderings?

I like it all! More photos wouldn't go amiss though :)

5. Should I: a) Keep it going. b) End the pain.

Keep it going, unless it is becoming a burden to you.

Anonymous said...

1) Yes - you know me...Garrett's Mom here...I remember answering the door in Morgan's Grant in the middle of the winter and there you would shorts and boots...probably trying to convince Garr to go winter camping with you in behind Morgan's Grant!
2) Garr told me about your blog
3) Love the pictures, the stories. You have definitely piqued my interest in the north!
4) Sometimes I get into your blog and there are no new I have to wait a bit to get my "Michael's Meanderings" fix! :-)
5) Absolutely keep it going!!!! I really enjoy it (ps: I admit to reading Fawn's blog, too!). Say hit to your family for me...

YukonJen said...

1. Yes. I thought you were hosting a blogger's brunch last December. You make a mean brunch. Tobogganing is fun too.
2. Urban Yukon.
3. I finally met you. So I like to keep up.
4. Nothing. I like everything. It gives me comfort (because I'm no longer there) to read about familiar places and things.
5. Definitely. Keep it going. You can--however--give yourself permission to take a bit of a break from blogging. Just take a break. You'll get back to it.

I do vote (like the rest of the commentors) to keep it going.

Good luck. And Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

1. Yes from the good old JC days in Ottawa.. ahh the memories!

2. Through your posts on facebook!.

3. I like reading about your adventures! The way you write about them is very well done!

4. When you don't write for awhile - that kinda sucks!

5. Keep it going!!!


Anonymous said...

1. No you do not know me.

2. I checked the link from Fawns site. I first found her site way back in the day, a couple months before Jade was born.

3. I find the stories interesting and I like the way they are written. And I like how you write often and not just once in a bluemoon.

4. Hmmm...can't think of anything right now.

5. A! Keep it going. My weekly blog readings wouldn't be the same if you or Fawn stopped blogging.

laura said...

Hey, Mike. You don't know me. I'm that little red pin in Southcentral Alaska on your visitor map. :)

I found you through a link on the Explore North blog while looking for journals about life in the north country.

I keep coming back because of your writing style and topics. I haven't found anything yet that I dislike about your blog. Enjoy the commentary and the photos.

Keep going!