January 03, 2008

Animal Magnetism

In light of tonight's meteor shower and a recent CBC article on meteorite fragments embedded in mammoth tusks, I got to thinking. A dangerous thing sometimes, I know.

I started thinking about iron and stony-iron meteorites and whether or not they are affected by the Earth's North and South Magnetic Poles. Has anyone has ever tested for a correlation between the historic path of Magnetic North with known impact craters?

For a place with such a low population density, there seem to be a lot of meteorite sightings in the Yukon and Northern BC. I seem to recall hearing of a sighting about a month ago, and at least one notable northern meteorite sighting resulted in a remarkable find.

If there is a correlation, could the Yukon be a meteorite "hotspot"? As Magnetic North shifts towards Siberia, might we become more attractive to meteorites? If so, the Yukon might see an influx of meteorite hunters. And I might invest in a hard hat.

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ExploreNorth said...

What an intriguing thought - there must be some organization who would give a grant to study it!

I hadn't heard about the meteor shower, but spent almost an hour outside this morning (0500-0550) and it was fairly good. My view to the south, which seemed to be where most of them were, is somewhat obscured by trees but I still saw over a dozen, a couple of them quite impressive.