December 15, 2007

What does that word mean to you?

If there's anything worse than wetting your pants, it's having someone else do it for you.

Jade somehow managed to exceed the liquid absorption capacity of her diapers not once, but twice tonight. The first time, she was sitting on my lap, drawing. The second time, she was lying across my lap, drinking her pre-bed bottle.

It was time for Randy's Vinyl Tap, which I had playing in the background while I changed Jade (and myself) into clean clothes again. Tonight, Randy was playing some boogies, which are perhaps not the best for calming an almost-two-year-old for bed, but were fun to listen to nonetheless. One of the songs he played was the "Blue Ribbon Boogie" in which the singer repeats over and over the word "boogie". This solicited a reaction from Jade that I did not expect.

Every time the singer sang the word "boogie", Jade pointed to her nostrils and happily declared "boogie" right along with him.

Somehow, I can't imagine that CBC plays many songs that are dedicated to snot, let alone "blue ribbon" snot. It would be neat if they did, though.

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