December 16, 2007

In a Christmassy mood...

Every year that I can recall, my Mum would complain that she was having a hard time getting into a Christmassy mood. Then, she would unearth her half-dozen giant boxes of Christmas supplies, pop her ghastly Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Christmas tape into the tape deck, and then everything would be all right.

We all find our "Christmas cheer" in different ways.

Normally, I don't have any problems finding mine, but this year, with less than ten days to go until Christmas, I haven't been feeling very Christmassy. It's not that I'm feeling Scrooge-like - I just haven't been feeling very enthusiastic about the whole thing.


It might have been the premature yowling of musical Christmas trees that shocked the joy of Christmas out of me before it could have a chance to develop. Or perhaps it was a trip to the tropics that disoriented me into thinking it was summer. It might been little more than general busy-ness or any number of little things.

Whatever the reason, it has all been fixed now. I found my Christmas cheer.

It came from an odd place this year and hit me all at once. I have my niece and nephew to thank for that. It didn't come from them, directly, since they're thousands of kilometres away, but from a picture of them with Santa. Just look at their eyes. Sheer happiness!

Now isn't that what Christmas is really all about? Happy Holidays!

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