November 04, 2007

Whitehorse is booming!

Jade, Nanuq and I were out for a walk late this afternoon when we heard a loud explosion followed by a quieter siren/alarm. Since we were near the airport, the first thought that went through my mind was "Is that what a large plane sounds like when it crashes?" It was very, very loud. And then I realised that they have begun blasting on the Hamilton Boulevard extension.

Wow it was loud. Fawn said the whole house shook and the cat still hasn't quite recovered.

If you're in Whitehorse, did you hear/feel it too?


Anonymous said...

We felt the boom here in Copper Ridge too. It shook our walls and lasted for a few seconds. I ran outside to see if somebody had driven into our house!

On another topic, I love how your blog (and thus, Urban Yukon) were among the first to report this news. Big props for the power and immediacy of citizen journalism.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Dave and I heard it too (up the hill). And yes, I love this forum for local happenings. I knew about the gas station fire in Faro from The Violet Hooker's blog before hearing about it anywhere else.

ExploreNorth said...

Aren't blogs great? When I heard it (in Granger) I thought my boiler had exploded - freaked me right out.

Anonymous said...

I was in the midst of a full rock band rehersal so I assume we were actually louder than the boom... however I did hear about it from the wife upon my return to Copper Ridge... she said literally everyone on the street went outside to try and see what it was.

She also said her parents on Range Road heard it too.

Anonymous said...

Staff heard it here at the Beringia Centre - apparently the whole place shook. Grrrrreat - just waiting for the Mammoth to fall down now!