November 06, 2007

My ears and eyes have been assailed.

I was downtown this morning to run some errands and saw the crews hanging the Christmas decorations on the street lamps. A little early for Christmas, I thought, but it makes sense to do it now before it gets too cold.

And then I went to the Stuporstore to get some pet food. Oh, the horror! I was bushwacked by the blaring of festive digital refrains from trees that have exceeded the standards for "tacky"! And what excuse to they have to set up their decorations now?

Is it just me, or is two months of Christmas too much of a good thing?


Anonymous said...

I think we should do away with Xmas...

Anonymous said...

I would normally agree. But this year. It's taking everything in me not to put my Christmas decorations up before December. Don't you remember what an exciting time of the year it is!!!