March 27, 2007

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go...

...and what a way to go. With five people dead and twenty-five injured, the cesspool collapse in Gaza is no laughing matter. In fact, the whole situation stinks.

Blamed on a combination of political tensions, both local and international, it's one of those tragedies that should never have happened. The head of the village council called it "our tsunami". "Sewernami" is more like it. While they're flushed with anger, I hope that the survivors of this tragedy hold those responsible to task, but I'm guessing that everyone responsible will pretend their hands are clean.

Reading about the disaster made me stop and think a little bit about my own mortality. We all kick the big bed pan at least once in our lives and we'll all have our own stories when that inescapable moment comes. The sewernami made me wonder how my story will end. I certainly wouldn't want it to end like that.

Imagine, staring at a giant wave of sewage bearing down on you, realising that you only have a few more moments left to live. If this is the way that I'm going to go, at least I can take comfort in knowing what my final words will be.

"Oh, crap."

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Fred said...

Actually, I would have said "holy shit!