January 19, 2007

Winter Flight out of the Nahanni

I might have gotten some spectacular sunset shots had I been sitting on the starboard side of the plane. As it happens, I was on the port side. I apologise if some of these shots are a little "blue", but the sun was going down and the window of the Islander blued things out a bit.

If you're not familiar with the area (and most people aren't), maybe some of these shots will give you an idea of why I enjoy it so much.

The airport terminal building. Apparently, the Pilot's Lounge is a really fancy place.

One side of the runway, looking much like the other side.

The Islander comes in for a landing.

Preparing for take-off.

"Sunset" over the mountains.

Prairie Creek Valley.

Mountains as far as the eye can see.

Looks like a fun place to go hiking...

The Prairie Creek alluvial fan and the entrance to the First Canyon.

South Nahanni River in Deadmen's Valley.

The south side of Deadmen's Valley.

Edge of the Tlogotsho Plateau.

Landing in Fort Liard.


Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely stunning photos. I keep looking at them in wonder.

Meandering Michael said...

I keep looking at them with wonder, too -- wondering when I'm going to be able to get back there to do some hiking!